Winter League

2022 Winter League Session 2 starts January 9th and runs through the week of March 5th. Signups will begin Thursday, December 15th!

The format is a two person team playing another two person team each week. You are not required to play with the other team at the same time. Just find a time that works for your team to come in and play your round each week, and we will calculate scores and points. 

There are payouts for low gross and low net winners each week, and payouts the teams with the most points at the end of the session. The league fee is $100 per team plus the cost of renting the simulator ($44/hour for passholders; $50/hour for non-passholders). 

Session 2 Weekly Results
Final Results. Thank You For a Great Season!  

 2022 Winter League Session 2 Schedule
           1             2         3        4         5        6        7        8
Week of*: Jan 9 Jan 16 Jan 23 Jan 30 Feb 6 Feb 13 Feb 20 Feb 27
Golf course: Dye Fore Chavon Meadowbrook Shepard’s Rock Sea Island (Back 9) Reykjavik Hideaway - Dye      TPC   Colorado    (Back 9) Eagle Course Wohali
  13v15 12v14 2v11 5v6 16v8 14v16 11v18 13v16
  9v7 4v10 7v17 1v15 3v1 17v8 1v12 4v18
  14v1 15v11 5v12 4v16 14v9 15v6 7v4 7v8
  8v12 3v13 13v1 3v11 18v2 12v3 6v3 9v15
  11v17 1v5 6v14 2v7 17v4 13v10 8v2 12v11
  10v18 8v6 10v8 8v9 11v7 9v5 17v14 2v14
  16v2 18v9 4v9 18v17 10v5 2v4 16v5 3v10
  6v4 7v16 15v3 14v10 6v13 11v1 10v15 5v17
  5v3 17v2 16v18 12v13 15v12 18v7 9v13 1v6

2022 Roster:
Team # Players Team # Players
 1 Dave Meldahl  10 Quincey Schneider
Cyndi Meldahl Nick Beauchaine
 2 Dennis Franks  11 Jackie O’Reilly
Becky Franks Debbie Arkell
 3 Ben Heisey  12 Peter O’Reilly
Mike Robitaille Vince Arkell
 4 Lee Hageman  13 Alex Nash
Jonathan Lehman Jack Bartram
 5 Eryn Schwehr 14 Mason McDunn
Mary Miles Wyatt Lundell
 6 Ben Alke 15 Austin Stowell
Kevin Opitz Kevin Olive
7 Cole Lininger 16 Andrew Sherman
  Cliff Walton Seve Volpone
8 Bryce Staker 17 Gave Evenson
  Justin Braach   Molly Secor
9 Jered Bryant  18  
  Dylan Stenseth    
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